Hello Bend!

Agia Sophia Coffee Shop and Bookstore is now out of the planning phase and we are ready to introduce ourselves to the people of Bend and Central Oregon.  You will meet us beginning May 2019, when we take over The Open Book, at 155 NE Greenwood Ave.  We will remain open for business while we rebrand as Agia Sophia Coffee Shop and Bookstore and begin renovations to combine our vision for a classic coffeehouse with this historic bookstore that has been serving Bend since the 1980s.

Fresh Coffee & Ancient Wisdom

Think coffee with meals, pastries, and desserts to satisfy the
customers’ physical hunger,
. . . while our selection of books and events nourishes the spiritual and intellectual appetite.

Grab a cup and enjoy . . . a modest selection of the best books on traditional religion, philosophy, history, culture, and literature.  Our focus will be the ‘classics’, ‘orthodoxy’, and works of human inquiry that have stood the test of time. We are also happy to maintain a curated collection of the titles that customers of The Open Book have historically enjoyed.

This Blog will keep you updated on our progress – enjoy following, and once we are open, come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, a good book, and a real social networking experience: sharing life with friends over a hot cup of coffee, tea, or delicious treats!.

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