Inspections have begun!

Our build-out is proceeding rapidly now that we have our permits. 1st inspection is behind us, the concrete floor is poured, and now plumbing, electrical, HVAC and framing is ready for rough-in inspection on Monday.

We will follow with insulation and drywall immediately, getting ready for finishes. I will be posting news each week while we work from here through final finish and set up.

Your Suggestions can help

How about some feedback on our proposed drink menu? I am posting it here in a simple table, so you can take a look and offer suggestions:

Menu Board 1:

Menu Board 2

Email your suggestions to:

We have Permits!

Were back! I have held back on posting news while we worked on getting everything in order to proceed. Finally, after an extended 5 month process, permits were issued this week and we just passed our first inspection! Here is a little peak at what we have been up to:

Main sign is up, so the gabled area around it will get an offsetting reddish brown to highlight the light signboard. Keeping the historic logo and brand makes us standout in the community
A new wall defines the future, Restroom, Kitchen and Coffeebar – thanks to Taylor W. for donating all the Cedar Siding. In the background, you can see where we are still operating the bookstore
Opposite the Coffeebar, the walls are lined with bookshelves, and at the back is our ‘Russian tea-room’ for small private gatherings. the center area will have tables, separated by lower bookshelves, providing a bit of privacy to enjoy coffee and conversations.