AGIA Sophia Coffee Mugs


“Everyone has a deep-seated need, at the core of our humanity, to gather together with people in our neighborhoods and communities, and contemplate the things that are meaningful to us.” – Fr. Damian Kuolt.

Agia Sophia is established to pierce through the mindset of our seductive, fast-paced culture by providing a real social networking experience: sharing life with friends over a hot cup of coffee, tea, or delicious treats! And, all of this is added to a ‘curated collection’ of The OPEN BOOKS’ historic used & recycled Fiction, Oregon History & Outdoor Living, Children’s Books and much more.

Think coffee with meals, pastries, and desserts to satisfy the customers’ physical hunger. . . while our selection of books and events nourishes the spiritual and intellectual appetite.  This vision of Agia Sophia is ideally suited for the region, where people have settled to re-establish connections to friends, neighbors, a town, in a beautiful setting … connections that are distinctly ‘offline’.

Grab a cup and enjoy . . . a modest selection of the best books on philosophy, history, cultures, science, literature, and world religions.  Our focus will be the ‘classics’, and works of human inquiry that have stood the test of time. We are also happy to maintain a curated collection of the titles that customers of The Open Book have historically enjoyed; especially the popular mass-market authors.



We started with a desire to provide a place that would be unique, yet a good fit Bend and the surrounding communities.  It became tangible when we were given  the opportunity to keep a curated selection of the historic Open Book used bookstore offering.   So, we launched the Agia Sophia initiative in early 2019, opening 9 months later in December.  To keep up with the unfolding story, follow us here on our Coffee News Blog, or through social media. 

Our Mission

Agia Sophia’s mission is to serve the community by providing a unique place where people can:

  • enjoy the best coffee, tea, warm and cold drinks with tantalizing ‘eats and treats’
  • just hang out in a warm, inviting atmosphere built around coffee and books, with an “Eastern Christian Ethos” – that ‘subtle something’ that warms the heart.
  • engage in casual conversations and contemplation, enjoy our curated
  • collection of new used books
  • discover timeless wisdom through our collection of the Classics of Literature, Religion, Philosophy, History, the Arts, and local favorites.  

We look forward to offering small events, classes and study groups; turning hearts and minds to the contemplation of the more profound things in life.